Tuesday, 14 July 2015

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 All round the world new agile spaces, with zones and nooks and new approaches to seating and organisation are appearing because they make better spaces and places for creating engaging learning. Engaged minds achieve……but how to use those spaces, how to work together as teachers, and students, in those spaces, what are the protocols for use? - and how do we avoid the occasional gainsayer trying to drag us backwards, threatening the loss of all the advantages these spaces can offer?A user manual was needed, and the three of us have produced one, at the behest of Wesley College in Western Australia’s Perth, who are building an exciting new science space.

But of course, although this manual is built from what we know, many others of you have ideas and experience to contribute. This is a one-post-blog and in your (moderated) comments below we would like those ideas and experiences please. Thanks.

The authors:
  • Stephen Heppell, see his website, or @StephenHeppell on Twitter, StephenHeppell on Pinterest

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  1. Lovely addition to the learning spaces design book we did. I hope this is useful - starting with a brand new team this year, we'll be using it as a guide too!


Please try to add to the manual with your comments - this is about what you know works and what to do to achieve it. It is intentionally NOT a forum for gainsayers. Students as well as teachers are welcome contributors. It is currently a moderated space for comment. And thanks!